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cost reduction?

shirt and tie or jeans and t-shirt?

Cost is a major concern for almost all individual inventors, and increasingly for corporate entities. This is probably the main reason our Patent Drawing service is bypassed. In reality, under most circumstances, the cost of drawings prepared by a professional Patent draughtsman can be an insignificant portion relative to the overall cost of the application

The selling and marketing of an invention begins with seeking licensees and investors. Therefore, obtaining quality patent drawings or designs is essential to putting your best foot forward down the marketing path. To use an analogy, "It is the difference between showing up at a job interview wearing a suit or a t-shirt and jeans". In this comparison, which applicant would you be more likely to hire? Which do you believe cares more and will do a better job?

As quoted by one of our clients;

"It would be prudent to have Mac Eleven, a company of experienced Patent Draughtsman, if not already involved at the informal stage at least review the drawings prior to their submission. It is well known that the drawings are a part of the specification and they have been relied upon to show that the inventor was in possession of the invention when the application was filed. It is not a large leap to understand that a poorer quality patent drawing is less effective for this purpose than a good quality drawing. In fact, there are many circumstances in which quality patent drawings divulge more than the application text and also the drawings are the first pages viewed in a patent, and the first chance to make a good impression. To reiterate it is very important to have a professional looking application and professional drawings are part of that. Certainly, doing anything that might decrease the chances of the application being objected to should be considered not serving your client's best interest, to put it bluntly, mine and my companies name will be filed with this application!"

On many occasions a client will approach us with a set of informal drawings which are ‘not of the best quality’ in these instances we will always review the drawings to ascertain if they have been created electronically by their client and if so, ask for any information that could facilitate in reducing the eventual cost, to give an example, one of our clients was quoted over £2000 by their previous draughting firm for formalising a set of drawings, because we ascertained that the original drawings had been created electronically and had the software to allow us to edit them, we were able to liaise with their client directly and utilise the files supplied and prepare the formal drawings for £590.

Of course this was a major saving, but there are numerous occasions where the eventual cost could have been even less if we had been involved at the informal stage, even a simple phone call can make a difference.

Involving mac eleven from the outset can only be an additional benefit towards filing an application because…

The article can be shown to its best ability by providing Formal quality drawings at the Informal stage at the same cost.

Fewer views may be needed to explain the article by utilising our ability to manipulate your client’s files where available and also creating a cost saving in the process.

Our experience and drawing knowledge have enabled us to bring attention to elements which allowed the attorney to increase the scope of claims, and suggest additional uses and alternatives for inclusion in the application.