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about Andrew…

“From an early age, I always wanted to look at something I had accomplished on any given day and say…I created that!”

Having qualified as a Technical Illustrator in the early 1980’s on a drawing board, dismantling, illustrating and airbrushing various mechanical components, engines and consumer products, Andrew then made the natural progression onto the computer in the 1990’s, learning various software along the way, including; Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Visio, AutoCAD and Solidworks (a software package that Andrew & Trevor are the only registered Patent Draughtsman in the country to use in this profession).

"The thing about starting on the bottom rung of this industry so to speak i.e. the drawing board, it gave me a great eye for detail and an awareness when looking at an initial set of drawings, I have always stated that you can place me in a room full of ten people who have trained on a computer and I will be able to spot the one who learnt on a drawing board first, I manipulate the software, it doesn’t manipulate me!"

Andrew then became a Patent Draughtsman, after ten years of employment at a service provider, he then moved to Boult Wade Tennant to become their in-house draughtsman for four years.

"I then left to form Mac Eleven after realising there was a niche in the marketplace for a company who could offer a more competitive service, but still ensure a very high quality of work and also bring a little more communication into this profession. The quote at the top of this page still holds true for me today, working on so many varied products and with so many different clients over the years (some of whom I am now proud to call my friends) I still get that same feeling of achievement when seeing a product I have been involved in out in the public domain, I am very lucky... I love my job!"

Andrew MacGowan

about Trevor…

"For me, anything I do in my life, I do with a passion, Patent drawings may not seem a passionate subject!, but my drawings, in some small way, help someone else’s dreams and ambitions realised, I count myself fortunate to be in a profession where a ‘click of a mouse’ could make such a huge impact"

He also qualified as a Technical Illustrator in the 1990’s and has a very similar background to Andrew (he also uses all of the same software) even attended the same college, albeit a few years after, they also previously worked together for ten years.

Trevor has found his calling as a Patent Draughtsman, a natural when it comes to utilising and learning new software, he is both extremely accurate and very fast in creating drawings, a client once commented;

"For Trevor to read a spec, create a set of perfect illustrations from my ‘not so perfect’ hand drawn sketches, and send them back to me in less than sixty minutes, Is a testament to his skill as a draughtsman"

After seventeen years working for a service provider as a Patent Draughtsman, liaising with clients on a day to day basis and in the last few years, running their drawing office, Trevor joined forces with Andrew at Mac Eleven.

"Client communication is also an important aspect for me, it is very satisfying when you have helped an attorney make that ‘last minute filing in China’!. Being a Patent Draughtsman and working at Mac Eleven is not just a day job, but for me, an evening and weekend one also, there are a few sleepless nights, but that is what sets us aside, our willingness to help. I am part of something that I help to grow and create, to coin a phrase ‘you get out, what you put in"

Trevor Whitehouse