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"Since I started working with Andrew at mac eleven, my team at GJE haven't filed a new patent or design application with anything other than formal drawings prepared by him. The quality of the drawings is outstanding, and at a price that makes it cost-effective to have Andrew prepare the drawings from scratch. Indeed, we encourage Andrew to meet some of our clients at an early stage to work on the drawings with them. Many of the clients we work with are individuals or SMEs seeking funding from investors and for them, having patent applications with formal rather than rough drawings makes a huge difference to the perceived quality of the application and their own credibility. Andrew is always looking for ways to add value, producing quality illustrations with some innovative touches. He comes highly recommended."

Peter Finnie, Patent Attorney and Partner at, Gill Jennings & Every LLP

“Andrew has been working for me for several years now to my great satisfaction. He is quick in adapting to the style you want for your drawings and applies the style consistently from then on. Difficult mechanical drawings are processed as quickly as more simple electronic circuit diagrams. Andrew is very reliable when it comes to delivery. With prior warning for urgent drawings, he can prepare drawings within a day. I can recommend Andrew unreservedly for quality, reliability and pricing.”

Derk Visser, Patent Attorney at EIP and author of ‘The Annotated European Patent Convention’.

“Andrew has produced drawings for me for many years. The drawings are of high quality and Andrew has proved himself able to work reliably to deadlines. I have had no hesitation in putting Andrew in direct contact with clients in order to arrange for the transfer of drawings files in formats which enable the efficient preparation of patent drawings”

Tony Pluckrose, Patent Attorney and Partner at, Boult Wade Tennant

“Andrew has been, for many years our reliable and profound resource for formal patent drawings. We appreciate the accurate and quick service as well as constantly high quality. For our patent law firm a reliable service partner is a valuable asset and assures part of our success”

Matt Schaefer Patent Attorney and Owner of, Schaefer Patent Trademark & Design

“We are delighted by our partnership with Andrew MacGowan. He has to be by far the most responsive patent draughtsman that we have dealt with and very competitive. We often are able to provide our clients with professionally draughted drawings, though we would never have been able to before!.”

Jerome Spaargaren Patent Attorney and owner of EIP